i'm (neither) wrote in kingdom_come,

Home again, home again....

As far as that goes. Which isn't, all things considered, very far.

I've taken to keeping near Selphie; the woman Quistis is frankly antisocial and the boy Sora has responsibilities that seem to preclude light conversation. Our discussions remain interesting; this most recent one about the nature of good and evil, and about people.

She asked, though, if I planned to stay here after the Cauldron is dealt with, or if I was going to continue traveling. I am not certain... but I think I will continue to travel, and make certain the Heartless do not come back here.

It's taken some adjusting to be back here on Prydain. Despite my claims to those who have accompanied me (or that I have accompanied), it has been several centuries since I... well, really, any presence that could be called me in bad light... have seen it. Not that it's changed much, just that I have to keep remembering that the status quo when I was human isn't the status quo that is now.

The discussion with Selphie troubles me on a personal level, and I am slowly getting used to having a personal level. If there is no such thing as a truly evil person... where, I wonder, does that leave me? I am, according to our own knowledge as Heartless, incapable of goodness. Where, then, am I left?

I should ignore the girl's opinion, then. She is wrong.

But all the same it troubles me.
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