Quistis Trepe (q_trepe) wrote in kingdom_come,
Quistis Trepe

Hell has frozen over. Actually, it is quite cold...it just may have.

So this is what it’s like to feel content? Strange. Either the freezing cold has actually started to get to me or things are actually going…well?!?

Selphie’s ‘training’ went better than I ever thought it would. Originally I had expected her to treat it as a game or simply play time. I must admit, I am quite impressed with how she handled herself and with the enthusiasm she displayed. However, I am disappointed in myself. Once again, I couldn’t separate the instruction from the friendship and was quite unprofessional. I can’t screw this up. It’s too important. Yet it is rather comforting to see that she is able to remember so many techniques already. …it’s almost like having the old Selphie back.

*sigh* So I guess I’m also a hypocrite. Telling someone to forget about their past while attempting to cling to every shred of mine. But it’s different…right? I mean I’m taking comfort in the past. It was the only time I was truly happy…well…mostly happy. Regardless, it’ll never be the same again. Trying to accept that is the difficult part but I know I must.

One thing that I'm quite sure will be different when we return from Prydain is my apartment. I must remember to thank dear dear Leon for the wonderful pet he’s allowing Irvine to look after. It was such a nice gesture. I do hope no snow accidentally gets lodged in a rather uncomfortable place under his clothing. Really, I do.

…he is so getting a bill when we return…

But for now, I need to contact Irvine to find out what else to add to the bill to make sure things are still going well. Hopefully he’ll be wearing pants this time…
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