Locke Cole (ff6_locke) wrote in kingdom_come,
Locke Cole

I wonder what I'm turning into...

I met Shelinda a few days ago... She kinda... Activated a few memories of mine. I advice people to move at their own pace... But do I really follow the advice? I feel like I'm turning into something else. And I feel I should stop it, before I break my promise with Terra. For even if the world goes to hell, I shall remain myself... I shall always be the same Locke who protected her back then, in the World of Balance. I promised.
But there are things I can't change already, and I shouldn't try to change them now. Everything should flow at it's own pace. Those things, I'll be able to change when the time comes. For now, I should just let them go.
Well, for now, off to buisness.

Dagger, did you check out my Mana Crystal theory? Is it possible to enchant the world's defences using that?

Kim, I think of using the golems to patrol the streets. Do you want me to try and make one and see if this method is useful?

Well, now... It's time for me to do something I was going to do for a long time... I'm tired of chaotic mumbling of the ESPers. It's time to learn their ways... Up close.
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