Locke Cole (ff6_locke) wrote in kingdom_come,
Locke Cole

I wonder what I'm turning into...

I met Shelinda a few days ago... She kinda... Activated a few memories of mine. I advice people to move at their own pace... But do I really follow the advice? I feel like I'm turning into something else. And I feel I should stop it, before I break my promise with Terra. For even if the world goes to hell, I shall remain myself... I shall always be the same Locke who protected her back then, in the World of Balance. I promised.
But there are things I can't change already, and I shouldn't try to change them now. Everything should flow at it's own pace. Those things, I'll be able to change when the time comes. For now, I should just let them go.
Well, for now, off to buisness.

Dagger, did you check out my Mana Crystal theory? Is it possible to enchant the world's defences using that?

Kim, I think of using the golems to patrol the streets. Do you want me to try and make one and see if this method is useful?

Well, now... It's time for me to do something I was going to do for a long time... I'm tired of chaotic mumbling of the ESPers. It's time to learn their ways... Up close.
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Hmm, golems...

I... guess it wouldn't hurt to try it, right?
Alright, then, I'll contact Kuja and see what we can do. Do you know anyone who can make some nice human-shaped bodies for the golems, so we'll have something to animate?
What are you up to Locke? Golems?

Hmmmm...I guess I can make them, but I will have to know if you would like a gender with them. Also, I need an idea of them.
Those are many question that can't be decided on the run. For now, we don't have to make a massive force - we'll need about ten of them. But before, I want to see if the golems really work. I have a pretty powerful-looking armor lying on my attic. How about we try and animate it? If it'll work out, we'll make more of them.
That'll be great! I can't wait to make them.

I won't conquer this world with them like last time.
...no I didn't.

Yes it will. Dr. Tot already proved it viable a few years ago on Gaia.

Stop asking me to do things.
Oh, I shall ask you to do things, because even if you hate me and I'm not going to work in pair with you I don't really mean the second, but I have to keep the act... Keep the act, dammit... --", we're both Riku's assistants and we have to endure each other in order to get things done.

And if it'll work, I'll try to make a meeting with all the town's mages, so we can decide how to raise the damn thing. Oh, and you SHALL show up on the meeting even if it kills you, because you're the only capable white mage around.
Why, flatery from the one person I actually hate right now.

The only way I'll show up to another meeting where you are is if Odin damnwell carries me the whole way there and Shiva freezes the exit meaning I have to stay. I don't htink that's going to happen.

As for Riku's assistants. How come, whenever I go to check it, I'm the only one that shows up to work? Or is it I'm doing all the desk work, and you go out and do the outside work?
I can't show up at the office, since I'm spending most of my time doing research. I'm trying to research a defence system good enough to stop the Heartless raids at least a little bit. If you need my help with paper work, you can always call, can't you? That's what assistants are for.

Oh, and for the meeting... Did you forget your white mage principles by any chance? The meeting is not about you, me, or anyone else. It's about the safety of Traverse Town. So you'll have to gulp down your hatred and put up with it on the meeting, since it's about the people's safety, not your lovely feelings towards me. Any questions, young lady?
... *mumbles something*
Don't you mumble on me, young lady. If you wish to say something, say it, while I'm nearby.
You'd better have all the other mages in town at that meeting...
Oh, don't worry. I'll make sure there'll be every single mage I can contact.
*still in disarray over the Yevon thing, not letting it show at all, since she's more in a daze over it than actually thinking about it* Letting things go means you're only forgetting them until they sneak back up on you later.. If you need to talk, you know where my apartment is, Locke..
*sigh* I know, Shel... It's just that if I deal with these things now, it'll only get Dagger pissed off even more... It's better the way it is for now. ...Really... *is completely discouraged about the topic and it shows*