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Kingdom Come

A Kingdom Hearts RPG

Kingdom Come: a Kingdom Hearts RPG
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Watching faith as it flows down the path we have chose...

Three years after Kingdom Hearts is locked, the reappearance of a lost soul signals the emergence of a foe long thought gone...The Heartless.

Who is orchestrating the mysterious events that suddenly plague the worlds? What is their ultimate goal? And why do the two Keyblade Masters, both friend and enemy to the other, find themselves forced to fight once more?

Does the future hold armageddon or salvation?

...only time will tell.

This is an interactive AIM and LJ Role-Play based on Squaresoft/Disney's brilliant video game Kingdom Hearts. Everything within this is a S P O I L E R for the game; do not join, participate, or observe if you do not wish to have the ending ruined for you.

Rules Of the Particularly Boring Sort

[1.] Respect. No flaming. So many disputes can be avoided by a calm chat or mature word with a moderator.

[2]. Please post journal entries to BOTH your journal AND the community.

[3]. All interactive RP will be performed in chats; narrative RPing is preferred.

[4.] Journals are kept to record your character's thoughts, actions, and brief wrap-ups from the last RP. Please try to comment on other's entries (preferably at the community).

[5.] Please respect the rights of other players; ask before you bring in their characters!

[6.] There is a three character limit.

[7.] Please have your character approved by a mod before making their journal.

[8.] You must also be a member of kc_logs.

[9.] You must be over the age of SEVENTEEN. This means you can get into a R-Rated movie.

All chat rp logs can be found at kc_logs.

Layout provided by the fantastic _strifing of digital-wings.net.

The goal of the game is to not only explore a possible sequel for Kingdom Hearts, but also to truly dive into the characters' minds through interaction, introspection, and universe building.

Players are expected to rp and blog regularly.