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It seems to me....

...that Kuja has now become...calmer... Which is not good for him. Me miss the energetic, cheerful, bossy Kuja. Me don't like the new, calm, Faye Wong music lover, fatherly Kuja. Me don't even know who Faith Wo is!

He's always reading books, not magazines! Read the bad ones Kuja! Me left a copy of a bad magazine on his pillow. He just pushed it aside and read some long philosophy book. He reads it to me which makes me go to sleep so fast!

Here's the deal. I want someone to knock him back into shape. I don't care what you do! First Mene, then Kuja! It's hurting my head!

I'll pay you anything, too. It doesn't have to be money, either. Date him, train him, beat him up, I don't care!

Oh no...Here he comes with that philosophy book...I will just take a nap now...
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