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So this is squishy.

Er, Squall? I need to talk to ya.
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*blinks* Squishy?

What is it, Zell?
Squishy. You know... like... you like someone.

Er... when you get back. No rush.
I am going to have to discourage you if you are planning to ask me for relationship advice.
It's not relationship advice.

It's just... er... who... look, when you get back, kay?

What is it, Zell? Did something bad happen?
*foot shuffle*

Er... no... see... Rinoa...

It's Rinoa, ok?
What happened?
I sort of... *scratches back of head* Kind of... er... kissed her.

I really like her. And I know... er, I don't know how much you remember, that's all.
*blink, blink*

That's it?

*had been expecting something with Ultimecia*
What do you mean that's it?

And she passed out! Was like, in total pain! It was really, really weird.
You'll forgive me if I was expecting to hear that something bad had happened to the town rather than "Squall, I kissed a girl, aren't you proud?" Pessimistic you know?

*pause* Has she woken up yet?
Well, it's more like... well, I didn't know if you remembered, that's all.

Yeah. It was quick. She woke up. Er... yeah.

Deleted comment

It's better not to remember it. It's not bad. Just really, really different.

I don't know. She just said she hurt.
*blink, slight surprise* You're the first person that's said that so far.

... said what?

And in her head, I think.

Hn. Figures, that was a stupid question.

Try getting it checked out by a doctor, healer, or a mage. Whichever you can find. But be on your guard, it might be related to Ultimecia. In fact, getting into a relationship with her isn't the smartest thing in the world. Don't do it.
... you're kidding, right?
No. Why should I be?
Squall... Leon, we can save her.

And it's kind of not your business, you know?

((OOC: I don't see you online, babe.))


13 years ago


13 years ago

It was more... I didn't know if you remembered anything, ok?

Yeah. She was only out a few minutes. She's... staying here for a bit. Just until she feels up to heading back to her own place.
What memories I do have are a bit vague, there are also holes large enough for a T-Rex to walk through. I doubt they matter too much.

Whatever. I just don't want to hear "Squall, I slept with a girl, aren't you proud?" next.
OOC: *snigger*
When do I get to kiss a girl?

Don't worry, Cid. We'll go to other worlds and find a girl for you to kiss there.