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Posted all over town.

Female Moogle, Mene, daughter of Mog, has been MISSING since September 8, last seen at Selphie's Surprise Party, wearing a large pink ribbon. If you have any information about her, please contact Stiltzken at the Synthesis Shop. Any information is appreciated.

$20,000 Munny
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...Oh Shit.

*blink**runs for his communicator*

...Do YOU know something, kupo?

...Where were you on the eighth?
Uhm ... let's just say I might have a ...vibe on it. *taps on the communicator* C'mon guys, pick up. PICK up!
O_o Mene's missing?! Where did she go?! MENE!!!
You know Mene, kupo? Where did you last see her? What was she doing? Was she talking to any suspicious characters?
I don't know! I just remember her being at the party and I was dancing! MENE!!!!
Mene's missing? Since Jaja's going crazy, I will be more than happy to help find her....

Plus, that money is tempting even though I'm already rich...
Kuuuuupo! Help find my darling daughter!
Okay. Okay. I will help look for her. She has to be around this town somewhere...