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Taking direction

I'm not used to such a large group... Donald and Goofy are used by now to me just focusing on the purpose when we're out and about, but I'm not sure how Selphie or Quistis or Freya is taking it. Hana... well, Hana seems to take everything inhumanly calmly, from deep snow to the occasional argument.

The communicator, in spite of Riku's request (and no, I'm not going to call them orders; I have my reasons for that beginning with not taking orders), has been mostly silent. THat probably means nothing's gone wrong yet. Of course, it also means nothing's gone right either, to a certain extent. And it means that neither group is going in much for random conversation.

I suppose... that it's all right in all three cases. Nothing going wrong is good, no success yet is fine since we just got here, no random conversation... well, there are worse things.

There's time later for random talking, after all. No need to waste communicator power on it, right? Right.

I'm not much for intuition, definitely not as much as Woody, Ron, Cloud... even Riku. But even I can tell that there's something important going to happen here. There's a reason we're here. I don't think it's the King, but maybe something about this excursion here or this time will help that search.

In the meantime, getting rid of the Heartless here and the evil is worth doing, even if it doesn't advance any other agenda. Maybe especially because it doesn't advance any other agenda... I should talk to Woody sometime, see what he thinks, find out about this Fate thing.

This Annuvin place... Hana's fairly closemouthed about it, but she seems to know more about it and the layout of the Horned King's fortress than an avowed neutral party should. There may be a past there, but she's equally closemouthed about that. I'll work on that.

And yes... in spite of the grim tone here, I'm more than happy to be out and working again.
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