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name like a shadow

Finally landed on Prydain. Feeling the urge to repeat myself: motion sickness sucks.

It's winter here, and the snow's pretty thick. I packed mostly military issue cami pants and shirts, which means I won't be freezing my ass off anytime soon. Thank you, army surplus store. Am also very glad I brought a tent.

I keep spacing out, which is bad. I'll probably run into a tree or fall into a river. Keep thinking about..well, stuff. I've always had trouble writing what I think or feel down.

...I keep wondering what not having to worry is like. Which is so cliche. At least I'm not making some silly metaphor about being a bird in a cage or whining about how nobody understands my pain. I can't remember ever being careless. When I was a kid, I was forced around by the adults. As a teenager and young adult, I forced myself around.

I'm still doing it, and now that I've realized it, I don't like it.

It's weird how a normal conversation can turn into such a big thing. It went from motion sickness to plans that have the potential to effect the rest of our lives. And now it's branching out and causing me to think over and examine the relationships I have with the people around me, and how I would function without them.

But it's worth it, I think. Didn't realize charisma was so infectious.

Ah, well. Job to do, trees to avoid, Keybearers to kill. I hate snowballs.
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