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A Friend to Feed My Fires

We're finally on this Godforsaken Toilet-less Planet. I can't say I enjoyed the trip here. I asked, what, twice about arrival -- I was threatened multiple times in return. Selphie accosted me about Lord of the Rings being 'yaoi'. I told her my opinion (which is a natural right to express), and was yelled at by everyone. I tried to make a peace deal with the Duck -- guess who got the screaming. Guess. C'mon, I know you can do it. But oh, I wasn't just made to feel guilty for being friendly. Oh no. My past was brought up by both Quackers and Pansylocks Leonhart. I actually don't blame Leon, at least not this time. I do blame Daffy. Oh, and have I mentioned the squinty glare I kept getting from Woody?

Besides learning the fact that I'm everyone's favorite scapegoat, I realized something: because I'm a Keyblade Master, I'm stuck world-hopping with Sora and his Barnyard Friends for the rest of my life. Here's the fun part: they don't want me with them. The Duck hates me (the feeling is mutual, though at least I have a reason to; he randomly hated me three years ago in Traverse Town as much as he does now), the dog is fine, I guess, but a dog, and Sora...

This trip is a fluke. Strife, Leon, Quistis, Woody, and Freya won't always be along for the ride. Selphie may, I guess, which is a little better, but let's be honest with ourselves about that. And once the threat of Khan is over, Kairi's staying put in Traverse Town. Period.

I can live a life doing what I have to do; that's not a problem. But I'm not going to sit around and play follow the leader to those who don't want me. I'm not going to put people in danger who just don't deserve to be. It's not how I do things.

So I've got a plan. A really good plan, actually, and I've got a really good partner to go along with it. It starts the minute the Cauldron is destroyed.

Which means the Horny King better watch his back.
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