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*eyes the song playing on his communicator*

...Okay! So I've wandered into Leon's song collection. Oh well. It just goes with the sur-reality of my entire LIFE at this point.

So what's wrong with Woody? - seems to be the keyword conversational piece around here - and I figure I owe everyone an apology for being so grouchy and distant ... except Goofy who is the only person I haven't snarked at the entire time. (Sora, Leon, and Cloud don't count, because I haven't seen them. I would have snarked. Just ... no visuality to snark at ... you know what I mean.)

So, I'm really sorry for being an Oscar the Grouch. And this is the explanation why.

It's simple.

The stars are going out.

I'm a ... Fate.

I've been pseudo-elected to be Mayor of Traverse Town.

And all I ever wanted was to be Andy's toy, and be with Peep, and Buzz, and everyone else in Andy's Room...

But it's not there anymore. Nothing that I loved is there. And on all these stars, it's happening. People are just not ... there.

It's daunting, all right? I am toy enough to admit that I am scared out of my little wooden head. We have to stop this - and I'm a FATE - and I don't know how. I don't even know what a Fate CAN do. Aren't we all supposed to be quiet and taunt people with what we know or don't know? Are there kind Fates?

I don't know. I don't LIKE not knowing. I didn't KNOW Riku was going to do that stupid thing with Kairi, and she could have been HURT, bad! Forget what Khan could have done to her ... what about the Darkness?

How can I take care of people if I don't know what's going to happen to them?

I miss the days when the biggest problem was someone's dead battery, let me tell you.

It's not good for a toy to brood. We're kind of like fairies in that respect, we can only really take one big emotion at a time. When we brood? FULL-on brood.


I just want to know the people I love are going to be okay. Is that too much for Fate to ask?

...this song's not bad.

Playskool. I think I've been infected by the 'yaoi' virus. If I start dreaming about GI. Joe naked, then I'll worry.

And probably beat up Riku for starting the whole darned thing in the first place.
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Well, I'm not sure what a Faith is, but I certainly hope you feel better.

I think you've got to have more faith in people. I mean, sure, we love to come for you for advice and help, but sometimes, you've got to let people live their own lives, make their own mistakes, take care of themselves. ♥

We're going to stop all the stars from going out! ♥ Don't you worry! And maybe, just maybe, someday I can visit your Andy and your friends, too, once all the planets are back in order! ♥ And you can come see us, on the Destiny Islands, too!

If you need someone to talk to, I know I'm not the best person. But I am here, if you need me. ♥
Yeah ... yeah. I do need to have more faith in people. It's hard to let go though, sometimes. Trust is a big thing, and faith's bigger than that. But you're right, Selphie, and Monopoly money to you for being mature enough to see all this.

I guess I could use someone to talk to. Goofy's great ..but we tend to get existencial.
See! Trust is something hard to do, but if you put your trust in everyone, it'd be meaningless, you know? I mean, trusting only a few people lets them know that it's REALLY special to be trusted by you~!

Anyways! If you need to talk, I should be in my room most of the evening! I don't mind visitors at all! ♥
I think I'll do that. *smile* Thanks Selphie. You're the sweetest. *kiss on the cheek*
~gets all flustered~ No, I'm not... @_@;;

(OOC Whenever you're ready, IM me: Crescent Rapture)
"How can I take care of people if I don't know what's going to happen to them?" is a question I asked myself back when I started my journey. And I'm asking myself that up to this day. As I lived on, I realized that the only way to always know what shall happen to those I care for is locking them up and watching them constantly. But we're not people who'd do something like that, are we? That would make us not any better than those we're trying to fight.
I think you shouldn't let it go to your head. Worrying about this and that is too much. You should just do what you can, where you can, at your own pace. Otherwise, you won't get anything done.
You and Ron both... I mean, with the fate thing, not with the yaoi thing.

I worry about you guys. Cloud too, actually. Stay safe, okay? Don't take too much weight on your shoulders. Toys should have toy-sized weights.